What will I do if Frank answers my email, or more to the point, what will I do if he doesn't? Given my previous letter and the hardly uncritical content of this one, chances are he won't. Experience tells me he is more likely to react to emails with flattering, positive, apologetic content. He doesn't really reply to them, he just sort of picks up after those. For example, he'll add me back to hisIM contact list and start talking to me, as if nothing happened.

The first time I stopped talking to him, and I came back online after two weeks absence, the first thing he told me was that I might like BrettDennen.I told him I didn't really know what to do about him. He said he didn't understand, he just thought I might like Brett Dennen . He likes to play these kind of games. He just simply pretends not to know what I am talking about. For a while I thought it was me, I was somehow incomprehensible, but no, he does it on purpose. He deflects. If I fall for it so much the better for him and worse for me.

Frank claims to be an open book and unable to manipulate. Of course, no one is, but he is genuinely dishonest about so many things. But then again, so am I.

But with regards to the email, I suppose silence will be the answer I am looking for. It's time to accept that the time when he was part of my life is over. However bad I am at accepting.

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